Trading to

So, your child has outgrown some of their clothes, but they are still in excellent used condition? Well, if you're local, we've made it simple for you to trade your pre-loved kids wear!

This is how it works: gather up all of your child(ren)'s clothing, shoes and accessories that are still in excellent condition. Contact The Kids Kloset to set up an appointment to drop off your items. If you are near the St. George area, pick up may also be available. We will then go through your items and decide what we would like to trade for loyalty points. Any clothing not accepted can either be picked up within one week of being sorted, or donated - your choice. You will receive 50% of the selling price in loyalty points redeemable online toward your next Kids Kloset purchase! It's that simple!

REMEMBER, we only take items in EXCELLENT USED CONDITION. Please do not bring in items you find that have stains, rips, tears, excessive wear, missing buttons, zippers that don’t work, out-of-style items, etc. We will not end up accepting these items.

Below is a list of what clothing items we are looking for at different times of the year:

Month What We Are Looking For
January Select winter wear - Long sleeve shirts, light sweaters, hoodies, pants, jeans. No more winter coats because spring is on the way!
February Transitioning to Spring/summer - Light sweaters, hoodies, pants, jeans, dresses, short sleeve shirts, dresses, Spring jackets, splash pants, rubber boots.
March - June Spring/Summer wear - Shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, shorts, capris, short sleeve shirts, sundresses, sandals, rubber boots, splash pants, rain coats.
July - September Transitioning to Fall - Long sleeve shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pants, jeans, fall jackets, vests, rubber boots, splash pants.
October - December Transitioning to Winter - Long sleeve shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pants, jeans, winter outerwear and Christmas wear.

Halloween costumes will be accepted in September and October.

Footwear – We accept most kinds of footwear all year long with the exception of winter boots and summer sandals.