What We Carry

The Kids Kloset accepts new and like-new, stylish baby and kids’ clothing in preemie through size 14/16. All clothing must be in excellent used condition (EUC), which means no stains, holes, excessive wash wear, frayed edges, oily spots, etc. We reserve the right to decline to accept anything that is sent to us. What we accept will depend on numerous things, such as the condition of the item, how well that particular brand sells, etc.

Please be aware, we do not accept any clothing that smells like smoke. If we open a bag of clothing to be processed and smell even a hint of smoke, we will close it back up and will not accept any of the items in that bag.

Keep in mind that you will earn more on Better and Extraordinary brands than you will on Basic brands. You will also earn more on larger sizes than you will on smaller sizes.

  Basic Better Extraordinary
Example of Brands Accepted by TheKidsKloset.ca
Clothing Brands Like… Children’s Place
Old Navy
Please Mum
Carter’s/Osh Kosh
Jumping Beans
Land’s End
green dog
Sears Baby
Classic Pooh / Disney
Faded Glory
First Impressions
Little Me
Koala Baby/Kids
Okie Dokie
Gagou Tagou
Joe (select items)
George (select items)
Marc & Maddie
American Princess
Lydia Jane
Emma’s Garden
Licensed Character Wear
Ralph Lauren
Tommy H
Laura Ashley
Souris Mini
Calvin Klein
Bonnie Baby
Maggie & Zoe
North Face
Mini Boden
Tea Collection
Hanna Andersson
Janie & Jack
Baby Lulu
Baby Nay
Organic Clothing
Other Boutique Brands
We Also Accept Halloween Costumes
Brands Not Accepted Basic Editions, Simply Basic, Teddy’s Choice, Sun Valley, My Bruin Bear, Some Department Store Brands, Baby Togs

We only want items that are in EXCELLENT USED CONDITION. New items with tags are even better!

There will always be brands that we do not have listed. Feel free to send us an email if you are questioning whether or not we will accept a particular brand. If it is a stylish, high end brand, we would probably love to sell it in our store!

Tips for getting the most earnings:

Look over each item carefully: Since we will only accept items we know will sell, the items you send us need to look great! We look over each item very carefully to make sure it is in EUC (excellent used condition). That means, they must look clean, have no rips, no missing buttons, not too wrinkled, no stains, no holes, no frayed edges or oily spots and no signs of excessive wash wear. They should also be stylish. Even if an item is NWT (new with tags), if it looks out-of-date, we probably will not take it. If you look at your item and don’t think you’d be happy to get it in an order, odds are other customers wouldn’t be happy with that item either.

Know the brands: Look through the list we’ve provided and make sure the items you send in are at least Basic, and even Better or Extraordinary. Only select clothing items from department store brands (like Joe, George, Sears Baby, etc.) will be accepted.

Bring In Less More Often: We’d prefer for you to bring us smaller quantities more frequently instead of saving up a large amount of clothing and sending it all at once. This allows us to process the clothing more quickly and to constantly update our stock.